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Cichlid Essential

KENT MARINE CICHLID ESSENTIAL replaces important trace minerals that are used by fish and plants or removed unintentionally through carbon filtration. Works well where native waters are hard and have a pH above 7.8.


Shake well before using. Add 5 ml (1 tsp) per 30 gallons of aquarium water each week.

Carbon, resin, and pad filtration will remove trace minerals. It is recommended to use carbon filtration for several days, then remove it and dose the tank with KENT Marine Cichlid Essential to replace those minerals adsorbed. After several days, return filtration and repeat process.

For best results use KENT Marine Cichlid Essential in combination with KENT Marine Cichlid Chemistry and KENT Marine Cichlid Buffer.

KENT Marine Cichlid Chemistry will provide basic water chemistry and all trace minerals to African Cichlid and other Rift Lake style aquariums.

KENT Marine Cichlid Buffer is a specially formulated pH buffer and alkalinity adjusting system designed for African Cichlids and other Rift Lake fish.

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Ke Cichlid Ess 8 Oz
  • Ke Cichlid Ess 8 Oz
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