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Biofiltration Substrate for Refugiums, Mud Filters, Seagrass Beds & All Marine Aquariums

KENT MARINE BIOSEDIMENT is ideal for use in refugiums, mud filters, or as the main aquarium substrate. Slowly releases beneficial calcium, magnesium, strontium, potassium, carbonate, sulfate and other trace materials.


For use in refugiums, mud filters (recommended) and as a sole aquarium substrate, create a depth of about 2-4” for the optimal de-nitrification. Adjust water flow to avoid sediment from being lifted into the water column. It is recommended that this product be placed in dry, clean aquariums or refugiums before water is added to avoid unnecessary turbidity. Slowly add water to the desired height and allow 2-3 hours for any cloudiness to clear before turning on pumps.

KENT Marine Biosediment will dissolve naturally over time. It is recommended that new substrate be added on a regular basis.

KENT Marine Biosediment is a substrate composed of minerals typically found in and around tropical reefs. The average particle size of these minerals is similar to natural reef sediment composition present in reef flats and lagoons. These are areas where aquatic vegetation is both prevalent and important to the reef ecosystem. Although intended largely for use in refugiums and mud filtration systems, KENT Marine Biosediment may be used as a primary substrate in reef and fish-only marine aquariums. Small sand-sifting fishes and invertebrates such as sleeper gobies, burrowing worms, crustaceans, echinoderms, and mollusks can be housed directly within the substrate. Their surface-sifting action may enhance de-nitrification in lower layers.

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Ke Marine Biosediment 6 Lb
  • Ke Marine Biosediment 6 Lb
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