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Marine Starter Kit

Advanced solutions for aquatic life™

A perfect start-up kit for marine type aquariums. The KENT Marine Starter Kit contains three of the most commonly used additives for a marine aquarium: buffering & pH control, trace mineral supplement, and ammonia neutralization & dechlorination.

Includes the following KENT Marine products in 4 oz sizes

KENT Marine Essential Elements replaces biologically important trace minerals necessary for a healthy aquarium. These elements are utilized by marine fish and plants and also removed unintentionally through protein skimming, ozone and carbon filtration.

KENT Marine Pro-Ammonia Detox detoxifies elevated levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate that can arise from an accumulation of fish waste and the breakdown of uneaten food. Also effective in neutralizing chlorine and chloramines.

KENT Marine Pro Buffer is an easy to use liquid formulation that raises alkalinity and automatically controls pH. Formulated to adjust pH in marine aquariums between 8.0 and 8.3.

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