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pH Control Minus

Acidic pH Regulator For Freshwater Aquariums

KENT MARINE pH CONTROL MINUS safely lowers aquarium pH. When used in conjunction with KENT Marine pH Stable, it provides a stable, buffered, acidic pH in freshwater systems.


First, measure alkalinity (buffering capacity, carbonate hardness, or KH) and adjust to the appropriate level. Next, adjust and lower pH by drawing 3 cups of aquarium water in a separate clean container, add 1/8 teaspoon of KENT Marine pH Control Minus, and mix well. Disperse this amount into the aquarium for every 20 gallons of water. Wait 24 hours for the pH to stabilize and adjust further, as needed. Caution: This is a concentrated product! When in doubt, less is better. It is recommended only to adjust the pH down 0.2 pH per day.

If your water is hard and alkaline, larger doses may be required. If alkalinity is low (soft water), pH can be unstable, and crash. To adjust alkalinity, use KENT Marine pH Stable.

When using reverse osmosis water or tap water that is very soft (low total or general hardness, or GH), use KENT Marine R/O Right to increase total dissolved solids (GH) to the proper value.

Product Features

Ke Ph Control Minus 3 5 Oz
  • Ke Ph Control Minus 3 5 Oz
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