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Super-Concentrated Phytoplankton for Filter Feeding Invertebrates

KENT MARINE PHYTOMAX is a concentrated suspension of Nannochloropsis, Tahitian Isochrysis, and Tetraselmis phytoplankton from 2 to 15 microns (1 billion cells per drop). Rich in EPA, DHA and amino acids for maximum benefit to marine invertebrates.


Shake well before using. Add 1 drop per 50 gallons of aquarium water every other day in an area of high water flow. Observe reaction of aquarium residents over 8 weeks and adjust dosage accordingly. In heavily stocked reef aquariums, the dosage may need to be increased. As with any food, overfeeding can affect water quality.

Does not require refrigeration or freezing after opening, however refrigerating will prolong useful life.

KENT Marine PhytoMax provides whole, unicellular phytoplankton for a broad range of filter-feeding invertebrates. Ideal for feeding SPS corals, sponges, clams, scallops, bryozoans, tunicates, sea fans, filter-feeding sea cucumbers, and many annelid worms such as feather dusters and Christmas tree worms.

Using this product in conjunction with KENT Marine ChromaMax and KENT Marine ZooMax to provide the nutrient variety available in their natural habitat.


Product Features

Bottle and Dropper - PhytoMax
Ke Phytomax 1 Oz
Dropper Phytomax
  • Bottle and Dropper - PhytoMax
  • Ke Phytomax 1 Oz
  • Dropper Phytomax
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