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Pro-Ammonia Detox

Instantly Neutralizes Ammonia, Chlorine and Chloramines

KENT MARINE PRO-AMMONIA DETOX detoxifies elevated levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in freshwater and marine aquariums. Also effective in neutralizing chlorine and chloramines.


Shake well before using. Add 5ml (1 tsp) per 20 gallons of tap or aquarium water to remove up to1 ppm of ammonia, 6 ppm of chlorine, and 3 ppm of chloramine. Allow ten minutes before testing.

KENT Marine Pro-Ammonia Detox is a concentrated product designed to treat up to 1 ppm ammonia, as read on an ammonia salicylate test kit (test kits based on Nessler’s reagent will give a false positive reading), or 6 ppm of chlorine or 3 ppm chloramines in 20 gallons of water, per teaspoon. 1 teaspoon will treat 50 gallons at up to 1 ppm of chlorine or chloramines. If you are doubt about levels, it is a good idea to test prior to introducing animals to the water.

In many areas, water departments are using chloramines, a complex of chlorine and ammonia to prolong the chlorine action in killing bacteria. If chloramine is present, KENT Marine Pro-Ammonia Detox will neutralize it, making the water safe for aquatic animals. No other treatment is required.

Product Features

Ke Pro Ammonia Detox 4 Oz
  • Ke Pro Ammonia Detox 4 Oz
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KENT PRO-AMMONIA DETOX 5 GAL 9.4" x 10.8" x 14" 751906002901 100002433 00290