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Pro-Tech Coat

Aids to Restore Slime Coat and to Reduce Stress

KENT MARINE PRO-TECH COAT aids in restoring the natural slime coating on fish to help to calm, relieve stress, and protect against abrasion. Does not contain Aloe Vera.


Shake well before using. Add 10 ml (2 tsp) per 10 gallons of tap water when preparing tap water, making water changes, adding new fish, transporting fish, or when fish are wounded.

Tested safe for freshwater and marine reef systems and will not affect biological filtration.

For use with marine systems:

Safe for all marine species including sensitive hard and soft corals and other invertebrates. Any protein skimming must be halted with the use of this product as it will cause it to foam profusely. It may be advisable to use it in an auxiliary or hospital tank whenever possible, so the skimmer in the main system can remain running.

For use with freshwater systems:

May cause harmless filter foaming that can be reduced with a lesser dosage.

KENT Marine Pro-Tech Coat is a particularly useful in aiding antibiotic and parasite treatments. Although it is not a medication, it will assist in the rapid recovery of the ill animal.

Product Features

Ke Pro Tech Coat 8 Oz
  • Ke Pro Tech Coat 8 Oz
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