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Add to Freshwater Hauling Tanks to Reduce Fish Stress & Foam Buildup

KENT MARINE SURE-HAUL is a concentrated professional product that helps reduce fish stress and water foaming in freshwater hauling tanks, due to overcrowding during transport.


Ensure proper aeration and water quality during hauling! First, add non-iodized table salt to hauling water at rates listed below. Then add KENT Marine Sure-Haul concentrate also at the rates listed below and mix again. For maximum results, limit fish exposure time to 24 hours.

Volumetric Measurement Guide

  • To measure gallons in tanks, multiply length x width x height in inches and divide by 231

Product absorbs environmental moisture.  Keep lid tightly closed after each use to prevent hardening or product damage!

Sure-Haul Amount Non-Iodized Salt Amount Tank Volume
4 tsp 1 cup 25 gallons
16 tsp 4 cups 100 gallons
1 cup 12 cups 300 gallons
2 cups 24 cups 600 gallons
Entire Container 50 lbs 2230 gallons


Product Features

Ke Sure Haul 5 5 Lbs
  • Ke Sure Haul 5 5 Lbs
Product Size UPC Code Product # Item #


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