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Toxic Metal Sponge

Regenerable Adsorption Resin

KENT MARINE TOXIC METAL SPONGE removes copper, lead, mercury and other heavy metals from marine and freshwater aquariums. Can be regenerated over and over again.


8 fl oz should efficiently treat 60 gallons of water. More can be used for greater effectiveness. Place resin in a fine mesh bag and position in a location where water will flow through the material. Tan beds turn light green, light blue or black, depending on pollutant, indicating exhaustion. With regeneration, resin should last about 2 years.

Directions for Regeneration

It is recommended to only attempt regeneration if you feel comfortable dealing with strong acids! If not, simply discard exhausted resin and purchase new. Wear rubber gloves, body and eye protection! In a separate clean container, add one part muriatic acid (available at pool supply store) to four parts water. Mix enough muriatic acid/water solution to completely submerge exhausted resin to be regenerated. Soak resin until original color is restored (about 1 to 2 hours). Rinse with fresh water, several times. Now soak resin in water adding two tablespoons of KENT Marine pH Stable for one hour. Rinse with fresh water, several times. Measure pH to make sure it is near tank pH.

Product Features

Ke Toxic Metal Sponge 8 4 Oz
  • Ke Toxic Metal Sponge 8 4 Oz
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